Calorie Blasting Stairs and Burpee Challenge

  I have to admit, this workout gave me a run for my money! I’m always looking for a good challenge, and this was exactly what I needed to start my weekend. You can do this at home (yay) as long as you have a set of stairs (my stair set consists of 20 stairs. If you have more or less, adjust the number of sets appropriately) – if not track down the nearest set of stairs by you and be prepared to push yourself to the limit. Here’s the game plan:
We will be doing intervals of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
Always start with a warmup!


1min. jog in place
20 jumping jacks
20 butt kicks
20 high knees
10 lunges each leg
20 deep body squats
10 side lunges each leg
Bootcamp Stair/Burpee Challenge 
10 stairs

10 jumping jacks

10 Burpee’s

10 bicycles
20 stairs

20 jumping jacks

20 Burpee’s

20 bicycles
30 stairs

30 jumping jacks

30 Burpee’s

30 toe touches
40 stairs
40 jumping jacks

40 Burpee’s

40 second plank
50 stairs

50 jumping jacks

50 Burpee’s

50 second plank
Ouch!!! I struggled with the burpee’s! Adjust this to what you can do. Never go past your limit. Keep your core tight and take breaks when needed. Yes you will hurt and be terribly sore and tired…but you know what else?? You’ll be so proud of yourself for completing this challenge and taking steps towards looking and feeling your best! Let me know what you thought of this workout.


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