Treadmill Workout for Quick Weight Loss

If you’re looking to spice up your treadmill workout – this is for you! Be prepared for a high intensity, endurance testing, maximum calorie burning – workout! Tighten those shoelaces and put on your big girl panties – things are about to get SWEATY! For less cardio and more muscle building check out at-home bootcamp.

Note: If this workout is too easy for you, bump the speed up a couple notches on each interval. Or, if it is too hard – bump the speed down a couple notches.

50 minute Treadmill Workout:

Minutes           Speed

0-2              6

2-5              6.5

5-10            7.2

10-15          7.7

15-20         7.2

20-30        alternate between 7.0

and 9.0 every minute

30-35         7.2

35-40         7.5

40-43         7.7

43-45         7.2

45-50         6.0


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